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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Review: From My Bottom Step

The citizens of London, Ontario need look no further than the website, From My Bottom Step, to get local information, news, and opinion - including ways to green your lifestyle. Local blogger Greg highlights news that we all can use, from fire safety to curbing traffic congestion.

One thing I particularly like about this site is how it blends a wide variety of relevant social issues with a lot of humour. From My Bottom Step supports a number of green issues including Free Public Transit along with pedestrian rights.

While I'm also a regular viewer of XKCD strips which are featured from time to time on Greg's site, I was happy to be reminded of BookCrossing, a book exchange service which releases books into the wild so they can be enjoyed again. How's that for good recycling?

If you're from the London area, or just want to get a glimpse of local issues there, check out From My Bottom Step.
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