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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Energy Counting

Did you know that you can get an energy metre from your local library for free? In Nova Scotia you can, thanks to Conserve NS.

After a two or three week wait, I now have one taking measurements all over the house. So far, it has confirmed two things:

  • Electronic devices use a lot of phantom power. Switching them off by using a power bar can save $20 a year per tv/dvd set. More if you turn off the satellite or cable box too.

  • All of my "luxury" items like tv, computer, and so forth are minor. Combined, I expect them to represent about 10% of my annual spending on electricity. Heat and hot water account for the vast majority of it.
This means my next investigation will be for solar hot water heating or pre-heating. I'll post about my solar heating project soon.

Don't want to wait? Buy a Kill-A-Watt at ThinkGeek and support this project.
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