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Monday, February 18, 2008

Project: Programmable Thermostats

Part of the reason I'm tackling this whole endeavour is due to the fact that my house is heated by electricity. Yes, I know. Very expensive, or at least it could be. One way to counter the fast spinning meter on the side of the house is to install programmable thermostats.

Each room that has a thermostat can now be set independently and it can be pre-set for different times of day. For example, my bedroom is set to be warm (19C) in the evening and early morning, and low (15C) overnight and when I'm at work. Rather than keeping an empty room warm 24 hours a day, I know I can heat it only when I need it. In combination with the right insulation (or plastic assistance), the room heats up very quickly.

One of the nice things is that anyone can simply up the heat in the room they want to use. Feeling cold while watching TV? Up the heat to 20C or more. At the beginning of the next time cycle, the heat jumps back to its usual setting. No more forgetting to turn the thermostat down!

I'll report back after my first set of power bills come in.
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