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Friday, August 6, 2010

Green Ideas for 2010 Calendar Contest

I'm going to be working on a project over the next little while to produce an artistic calendar for 2010. I'm currently soliciting suggestions for shot ideas to include in the calendar.

Later on, I'll be looking for recommendations for printers that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

To enter the contest, you should send me a concept for a photo and a brief note explaining the concept. What would the photo look like? What idea is it promoting? You should include a brief paragraph that might get overlayed on the photo.

Winners will receive a veritable plethora of recognition. If your concept is used, your name will be included in the calendar as the submitter of the concept and/or text. You'll be mentioned on the blog as well! And I'll send you a copy of the completed calendar!

The only restriction is that the ideas promote the same values and concepts as the blog and that the photo concept can be shot by me in the Nova Scotia area. It need not even be outdoors - studio ideas are just fine!

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