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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Drill Baby Drill

Last night, my blood ran cold when I heard a mostly full arena chanting "Drill Baby Drill" at the RNC. I had no intention of making my blog a political platform in a partisan way, but I for one can't let this pass.

An energy strategy that involves drilling for more oil and natural gas, especially in protected areas, is not a solution... it's simply a stop-gap measure that only delays the inevitable energy crisis while also putting more CO2 into the atmosphere.

If you're reading my blog, you're probably already against the GOP's energy strategy. If you need convincing, you should check out Obama's New Energy for America page.

I'm not an American, but this is one issue where I need to make my voice heard, even if I cannot vote, because the US energy strategy will affect me and everyone else on the planet.

Are you an American undecided or non-voter? Will you cast a vote on my behalf? Tell me and we will feature it on this blog between now and November 7.