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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Crank Radio

This one might take a few years to make a significant difference in energy consumption:

My Crank Radio

I bought this crank radio for my emergency kit. We tend to get some nasty weather during the fall and winter, so I wanted to have a radio and light for those nights when the power goes down. Since then, it's become part of the my day to day routine. I keep it next to my computer, so I get to listen without draining any more power.

A nice side benefit is that as the battery drains down, I get a reminder to take a break and move away from the computer! It certainly helps avoid that stiff neck and eye strain!

Roughly 30 cranks gets me 15 minutes of listening time at a decent volume.

Daily radio for zero new emissions. That's good math.

Get one like it at ThinkGeek and support the 25kW Challenge.

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