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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Light Bulb Exchange at Dalhousie NOV 20!

As part of Dalhousie's quest to create a greener campus, students and staff are invited to attend a Light Bulb Exchange on Thursday, November 20th. From 9am to 3pm, you can get a FREE energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Light bulb (C.F.L.) at one of four booths that will be set up in the S.U.B. on Studley campus, near the cafeteria in the Tupper, in the main entrance of Fenwick and in Building A on Sexton Campus.

The Bulb Exchange is part of the "A Million Acts of Green" program coordinated by The Hour in which Dal is participating. http://green.cbc.ca/

At the booths we will be accepting incandescent light bulbs as an exchange, but note that to receive a C.F.L., it is not mandatory to bring an incandescent bulb. Please remember to bring your Dalcard. There will be one light bulb per person. The bulbs are to be used for your personal use for lighting at home or for products that you own and have brought to the university such as a desk lamp.

The Bulb Exchange is brought to you by the Office of Sustainability, BIOL 3601 (Nature Conservation Course), and Sustain Dal! Partners that supported this project include Conserve Nova Scotia and Dalhousie University Human Resources Department.

If you would like to participate in the "One Million Acts Of Green" campaign, sign up at http://green.cbc.ca/ andjoin the Dalhousie Group.