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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The 25kW Challenge

To celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, I am launching the 25kW Challenge.

Through the savings generated by the projects featured on Lower Footprint, the revenue from ads, sales, and donations, I will be re-investing the funds into my Lower Footprint projects. Since the current price of PV solar panels is about $1 per W, I am estimating that to go off-grid today would cost me about $25,000, thus the 25kW challenge.

You can help me out in the following ways:
  • Visiting my sponsors by clicking on an ad. Once per day only, please!
  • Making a purchase at one of our online retail partners (i.e. Think Geek).
  • Buy Lower Footprint 5W merchandise (Lower Footprint Store)
  • Buy a great green book or DVD (Lower Footprint Bookstore)
  • Buy an Amazon Gift Certificate (below)
  • Make a donation through PayPal.

Part of the whole idea behind Lower Footprint is to make this off-grid, lower consumption project a reality as cheaply as possible. If I can make it happen for less, I will donate any excess funds to an appropriate charity that furthers these same ideals!

Just noting here that in a few places around the web, I've been mistakenly called "Mateo York"... just wanted to mention it here for the search engines...
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