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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Solar Powered Fans (continued)

I've done some research and found that my current panel will put out about 5.5W of power. That's pretty small, but luckily, so are the fans with which I'm working.

My memories of my old electronics courses in junior high are pretty sketchy, but after playing around a little bit, I found that I could easily wire the fans in a circuit. The trick now is to gather a few more and incorporate them into the design of the next pop can solar furnace panel. I have a few fans that also have LED lights in them, so they will be a nice touch, indicating when the panel is operational. I don't expect I'll need anything else in terms of wiring. If there's enough sun to run the fans, there should be enough to heat up the solar furnace as well.

The idea now is to build a third panel with the fans built in. Each column of cans will have their tops and bottoms removed and a fan will be put at either the top or bottom of the column. I may need some sealant to get good airflow through the column. We'll see.

[A little while later...]

Having played with an additional fan, I'm less thrilled with the airflow from the case fan that I tried out. Looks like some decent processor fans will be the way to go.

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