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Monday, February 15, 2010

Recycling and Building It Yourself

I've always enjoyed tinkering in the workshop whenever I get a chance. In the past, I've built a giant table from reclaimed oak planks and just recently finished a quilting rack made from a little bit of local wood and some reclaimed electrical conduit. Even my pop can solar furnaces were mostly made from re-used and reclaimed wood and pieces.

Sustainable living can include a lot of do-it-yourself attitudes, so rather than purchasing your next at-home item (and perhaps having it shipped cross-country), why not consider building it yourself? The Free Woodworking Plans website features over 9,000 plans of various levels of complexity that you can look at or download for free! Need a cabinet for the garage? Want a rolling dock? How about a wishing well or mantle clock?

Obviously, you'll need a little bit of carpentry skill to start creating anything, but some of the projects are so simple, you might just have everything you need already. Even if you don't save the planet, you might just find that you're a little bit handy... that's not a bad thing!

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