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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Walkable is Your Neighbourhood?

As the spring weather improves, everyone will be looking for opportunities to get outside and possibly running some errands on foot... at least one would hope that would be the case! Have you wondered how walkable your neighbourhood really is? Perhaps you're considering a move to a new neighbourhood with which you're less familiar.

Well, the answer is available on Walk Score. Simply type in your address (or proposed address) and it will generate a score for your area based on distance to major necessities like grocery stores and coffee shops. All this information is presented on a Google Map interface which will allow you to zoom in and out as usual.

This is a neat tool that you can use when visiting another city as well. Need to grab something quick or find a hardware store? Just type in the address of where you're staying and presto... it'll point you there.

One issue I had is that the website is unable to get data from our local mass transit system, so scores in my area are artificially low since we get no points for living near bus stops.

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