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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recycling Your Stuff

Stuff is all around us and it's often this time of year - spring cleaning and the end of the school year - that we begin to notice just how quickly it accumulates. I thought I'd share three ideas for getting rid of your excess in a simple and environmentally-friendly way.

  • Books just taking up space? Try Book Crossing to find them a new home or send them on an adventure! Simple print a label and find a good place to stash the book.
  • Everything else? If it is something you no longer need but is still in good working order, help it find a new home through Freecycle. Find a local group and be sure to follow the rules. (Warning! Freecycle can generate a lot of incoming e-mail - you've been warned!)
  • Are you in Halifax? Check out the Dump and Run at the beginning of May. It's Halifax's largest community yard sale!
 Do you have a unique or novel way of recycling your precious but unwanted items? Drop us a comment below!

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