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Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Build a Pop Can Solar Furnace - Recap

Welcome to Lower Footprint! For those of you who may be listening to CBC's Mainstreet today, I thought I'd post a quick list of the links for the articles about the "Pop Can Solar Furnace" so you could find them easily!

In the interest of full disclosure, this was not an original idea or project! These things have been around for a while, both as commercial products and D-I-Y. I based my design on the best one I could find online in 2008 (here's the link). Each one I build is better than the last and I'm willing to bet you could build one too! All you need is a South-facing window and less than $20.

The first solar furnace was very crude, but worked very well. It cost about $7 to build. It was installed in one of the 'sky lights' or ceiling windows of my solarium. It was installed in February of 2008 and the hottest reading recorded was in April of 2008... 82C (185F) on the surface of the panel and over 52C air temperature in the room.

The orginal Pop Can Solar Furnace Post. There is a link to pictures on Facebook, or another link in the comments if you can't see them there.

The first temperature readings from the solar furnace.

Neat pictures from the hottest readings in the solarium.

Some Q & A about the installation from a blog reader.

The second pop can solar furnace was built for one of the normal windows that face South. This one cost under $20, but could be made cheaper if you have some recycled fence boards or other light wood around your garage.

This design does block most of the available light coming into the room, so it may not be the best option if it's the only window in a room.

Step by step instructions (with pictures) on building a pop can solar furnace window insert.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Results and thermometer readings at the end of October, 2009.

Thanks for checking out the pop can solar furnace! Look for a new design and other projects in the near future!

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