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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Water Use Check Up

I mentioned some time ago that I'd changed my habits and basically now avoid flushing when it is only liquid waste. This has been working quite well and there have been no negative side-effects. I'm saving roughly 3 tanks of water a day.

Now I'm wondering if I can go a step further. Recognizing that the squeamish among you have already stopped reading, it's not what you think.

Each morning when I run the sink to shave and the shower to bathe, I have to run the tap for about 30 seconds or so before the water is warm. I want to try to capture that water so it's not just going down the drain. Obviously, some improved insulation will help with the amount of water that cools in the pipes overnight, but in the meantime...

There are a few things you need to know about me. I'm barely functional when I am preparing to shave in the morning. The idea of stockpiling jugs of water around my bathroom also doesn't appeal to me. For this to work, it has to be easier than simple and actually make a difference.

I put it to you for ideas.

I have this idea that I might be able to modify the lid to my toilet to make for an easy transfer, but if the tank is full, then it would just spill into the overflow and be wasted anyway. Oh, and I don't have a garden or house plants to speak of.
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