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Friday, April 9, 2010

Building a Bat House

Have you got bats in your belfry? Do you want some?

It's hard to believe that mosquito season is nearly upon us. This year, I plan to combat the pesky varmints in a natural way: by attracting bats!

Everything you need to know is at the website for Bat Conservation International. I'll report on my progress when I get to building my first bat house, but here's what attracted me to the project:

  • Bat Houses work best when built from recycled wood... well weathered old barn wood is best
  • Bats are natural insect killers. This makes camping time more enjoyable with less reliance on bug spray and insecticide.
  • Habitat for bats is under pressure by human activity. Building them a bat house helps them too!
If you're not interested in building your own bat house, you can purchase one online or from a local craftsman. Kits and completed house are available in a lot of garden stores. Check yours!

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